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Integrated Supply

Seamless Supply Solutions

As a manufacturer, you devote many different resources to operate your business, each with an associated cost. By partnering with Bamal, you can take advantage of world class materials management resources without incurring the associated cost. Bamal will seamlessly integrate into your production facility and manage all facets of your procurement, inspection, handling, storage, and internal distribution of C-Class components. This will allow you to shed the non-value added expenses associated with managing these components, and redeploy your assets in a manner more beneficial to the improvement of your business.

Prior to facility integration, a comprehensive survey will be conducted on-site by Bamal personnel. We will meet with members from key departments within your organization in order to determine their needs. Our findings will be provided to you along with our individually tailored proposals for service, which will include the scope of work, integration timeline and responsibilities, and potential areas for improvement upon implementation of a Bamal “Point of Use” (POU) program.

Bamal’s inventory management expertise is not limited to production needs. We also have the capabilities and expertise to apply the strategies developed with a focus on production towards your aftermarket business units, allowing you to experience efficiency like never before. For those hard to find parts, we offer sourcing, packaging and delivery services to your local distribution center, storefront, job site or your client in a cost efficient and timely manner.