Bamal Fastener

Transportation and Logistics

Consolidating Shipments Consolidates Cost

In addition to world-class inventory management services, Bamal Fastener can also assist in simplifying your supply chain and shortening lead times. Our consolidation services allow our clients to minimize freight costs, reduce border transactions and costs, and shrink their supply base.

Bamal’s transportation and logistics services, while designed with our materials management systems in mind, are not limited to the products that we provide. We can work with any of your suppliers and any type of commodity.

Bamal will work with your team to determine your goals and illustrate how those goals can be achieved. Services offered in conjunction with our inventory management programs include:

  • Domestic and international freight analysis
  • Asia/US freight consolidation services
  • US/Mexico freight consolidation
  • Domestic freight consolidation
  • On-site consultation
  • Comparison reporting