Bamal Fastener

Transition to Bamal

When it comes time to transition to Bamal, our #1 mission is to ensure that integration is seamless and your production lines remain un-interrupted in the process.  From the outset, a dedicated cross-functional team will work hand in hand with you to develop a strategic plan for every part or group of commodities.  Once approved by you, our mission becomes the swift execution of that plan with tactical precision.  Our goal is to make the transition so effortless and seamless on your end that it’s almost as if it never occurred!

Our experience over the years has allowed us to develop one of the most comprehensive transitional checklists in the industry.  This checklist covers every possible functional area, leaving no stone un-turned or detail overlooked.  No matter how large or small your program is, we have you covered from every angle, start to finish!

  • Inventory Buy-Backs
  • Gap Analysis – Priority and Plan for EVERY PART
  • Bucket Transitions
  • Phase-In/Phase-Out